codesigned with providers

Closed-loop feedback and communication

Connecting operators consumers and families

Promoting personal
connection and
feedback management for
aged care service providers

Mint is a fresh suite of software that enables better communication, complaint management and service feedback in aged care. We do this by connecting service providers, care recipients and families as the solution on the Mint platform which is secure, intuitive to use and in real-time. Service providers are now no longer dependent on basic and insecure forms of communication to keep families informed of their loved ones and gain feedback on their services

Communication Feed

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Meaningful Feedback

Feedback Management has never been so easy or standard aligned

Meaningful Feedback

Feedback Management has never been so easy or standard aligned

Moments in Time

Major Benefits

Keeping loved ones connected to their families

Direct communication care staff to family

Direct feedback about services to management

Reducing primary carer stress

Increasing service quality transparency

Why Moments in time?

Grandpa Jack

Sean built Care Konnect for himself and his family around the world to stay connected to his Grandfather Jack.

1st iteration (2017)

“We built an app for our own family around the world to stay connected to our Papa and it worked!”

2nd Iteration (2018)

Helping families stay connected to their loved ones at scale working with 4 aged care providers’

Web app today (2019)

Codesigned with leading providers and built for scale our brand new web app. A communication and feedback solution that is easily integrated and customised for your needs whilst helping you meet your accreditation standards. 

what They’re Saying

Client Testimonials

It was very reassuring to see what mum was up to during the day – as she suffers from dementia – knowing what she had been up to during the day and week it helped with having meaningful conversations about her day with her. “This helps us from not having to play phone tag with the nursing home – they can now send messages through the app.

Jacqueline Stockley

Family Member, ADL

My dad is in Carino Care. Being connected has allowed us not to miss out on anything. As they upload to keep us informed as well as we are able to upload photos and posts. So grateful for this service. Thank you

Grace Sciamanna

Family Member, Carino Care

“I do think this is the future of communication between consumers and their representatives and providers…having spoken to families using the app, they have all shared very positive experiences

Graham reed

CEO , LHI Retirement Services

New Standards Alignment

Consumer dignity and choice

Organisational Government

Services and support for daily living

Feedback and Complaints

50 Aged Care Providers in 2020

Data Insights from 50 Providers This year we’ve spoken to over 30 aged care providers in anticipation of the release of our automated executive and board reports on feedback and complaints across an organisation. We learned more than one would imagine and discovered some interesting trends on 1....

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