2020 vision for Feedback in Aged Care

Adelaide Aged Care tech company, Mint (formerly Care Konnect) accepted into Startmate: Australia’s most ambitious accelerator program. 

Adelaide Founder, Sean Grealy started Australia’s most ambitious accelerator program in Sydney  for his Aged Tech Company, Mint (formerly Care Konnect). Mint is one of ten technology startups to be welcomed into the Sydney 2020 cohort out of 500 international applicants. 

Sean Grealy, Co-Founder and CEO of Mint, launched the app in 2017 to solve his own communication frustrations with his Papa who was receiving home care. With his family spread out across the globe and the general busyness of life, communicating and feedback were getting more and more difficult with Papa and the provider. 

Now 3 years on, the app has gone through three iterations to arrive where it is now. With active customers in South Australia, New South Wales, and New Zealand, the growing team is excited about the Startmate ecosystem and the acceleration that will come from it. 

Startmate is Australia’s most ambitious accelerator with only two cohorts a year, one in Sydney and one in Melbourne backed by the most successful technology entrepreneurs and Venture Capitalists in Australia including Blackbird Venture fund. For this current cohort (Sydney 2020) there were over 500 applications from around the world and only 10 companies were accepted. Startmate has a rigorous and intense process to find the successful application by leveraging their mentor and venture capital networks expertise to find the top 10 companies led by the most ambitious founders. Startmate then clears the runway for success.

When asked about the program, Sean, Mint CEO and founder said, “In 2019, the Mint team was focused on discovering the fastest route to achieving our mission to: partner every older and vulnerable person, their friends/family and service provider in their ageing experience. To do this we need to expand globally and there is no better way to do this than working with the Startmate team, alumni founders, venture partners and mentors who are all experienced in entering global markets fast and effectively. For us this is no longer a question of ‘how?’ but more ‘when?’ since our first international pilot launch in New Zealand late 2019 giving us more confidence than ever  that we can reach the global market as an Australian aged tech company.

Codesign with consumers and providers

At a time of great change in the industry, many providers facing financial and procedural challenges need new technology that brings consistency, efficiency, and transparency. 

Mint’s Feedback Management System achieves consistency, efficiency, and transparency. The system was designed with Providers spending time onsite with consumers, staff, and management asking questions, receiving feedback and watching how they operate. 

Carino Care, NSW, recently launched the system. In two days, localised spreadsheets were archived and replaced by the Mint Feedback Management system across four locations. The Carino Care CEO now has a birds-eye view of every piece of feedback in the business, and he can use that dashboard data to track continuous improvements across the organisation. 

Families can now submit feedback directly to management with ease and be notified from receipt to resolution.

Mint allows providers to move away from the common paper and localised spreadsheet. Mint allows providers to move towards the quality standard requirements of open disclosure, transparency, feedback, and complaints. Consumers and family members can now submit feedback directly to management in a secure, closed-loop network with images and documents. 

When asked about what’s next, Sean, Mint CEO, said, “As a consumer-centric company we are currently focused on continuing to service and support our existing customers in SA, NSW and now NZ who we have been fortunate enough to work and take our key learnings from them to expand into America aiming for a confirmed pilot by April.”

To find our more about our solution developed with Providers, schedule a demonstation and initial conversation.

Will this work in your organisation? Yes.

We have developed a streamlined deployment and workflow plan to ensure a simple rollout. Our team will spend 2 days onsite training and rolling out the Feedback Management System. We’ve also developed simple reference guides to help you through the process. 

Are you just starting the digital transformation process? No problem. Mint can work with you in any phase of digital transformation and our Feedback Management System can integrate with Clinical, Risk Management and Scheduling systems. Ask us about this process.