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With restricted visitation and gatherings, we are here for you. 

Keeping people connected during Covid 19

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Organisation Use Cases COVID-19

Mint App has primarily been set up for Aged Care and Disability providers and is fully compliant with government regulations around privacy and quality standards for older and vulnerable people. 

Given the recent visitation and meeting restrictions announced by the Government to stop the spread of COVID-19, Mint App provides an opportunity for any organisation who needs to communicate clearly and values privacy. 

Organisations such as: 

  1. Childcare centres
  2. Sporting clubs
  3. Places of worship

Our private networks keep members’ contact details confidential whilst facilitating easy communication in multiple formats. 

How to Communicate during Covid-19

When leadership needs to communicate quickly and clearly, Mint App ensures delivery to everyone in the Network with real-time SMS and email notifications as well as urgent SMS broadcasting. 

Don’t waste time chasing phone calls, writing emails that aren’t opened or sending letters.

  • Convey tone quickly and efficiently with videos. 
  • Send quick text updates with URLs to important sites. 
  • Keep members and residents information private. 
  • With communication sorted, spend more time delivering service and care 

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What's involved to start?

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  2. We’ll set up your organisation as a whole and show you how to add your residents/members. 
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Better Together

Communication For families during COVID-19

Is your family spread out all over Australia or the world? 

Is your family effected by the recent travel and visitation restrictions? 

Are you the member of the family continually pulling everyone together? 

Mint Social is the web app for you. Use on your desktop, tablet or smartphone from anywhere in the world. Send one message that’s instantly distributed to everyone in the network. Mint App can do the heavy lifting for you.

Covid-19 Use Case

Josh, here, from Mint. I’ve been working from since COVID-19 reached our shores. 

My friend [let’s call her Jane] came over today (thursday, March 19th) so I could show her the ropes of Mint Social.  Jane’s mom is actually down the road at a local Eldercare site. She really enjoys the location, care, and staff.

Jane fits the common stereotype of a daughter with her mother in care. Jane is the perfect triple check.   

  1. The enduring Power of Attorney
  2. The geographically closest daughter with sisters interstate and therefore 
  3. The primary visitor to her mum

Jane loves her mum. She visits her every day, and she is, in a lot of ways, the emotional support for her mum and the entire family as her mum’s health is in decline.

Needless to say, this is and is becoming more tiring for Jane. Finding ways to simplify communication is becoming essential, especially as changes are happening daily. The provider has to communicate, but then Jane has to process and then communicate again… to the entire family.

I set Jane up on our software, and she is loving it.

With one update, she can now send photos or videos of her visits to mum with her family interstate. Her family can also share videos and photos with mum…Perfect! No more phone tag or emails. Simple, clear communication that now the staff can even get involved with.

Now 10 family members, spread out all over Australia, are receiving updates about mum and communicating with each other. 

What's involved to start?

  1. Register your network on the form below and receive your invitation
  2. Invite the rest of the family who needs to be on the network
  3. Start posting updates 


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