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Our first Covid-19 feature release 

#coronavirus (never thought I would be saying that)

The last 48 hours has been fascinating for us at Mint.

We help aged care providers effectively communicate with their customers, family, and staff about service experience and quality.

Last week we saw our first Corona Virus policy sent out through Mint Social to the private networks of each consumer (care recipient). The provider simply

  1. wrote a business update,
  2. selected all networks to send to,
  3. atattched the documentation and policy and 
  4. pressed send.

Mint helped our customer communicate and educate their own customers and staff on policy to protect Australias most vulnerable to the virus, our elderly.

But, it wasn’t enough. I spoke to a manager the following day and she said some families aren’t using Mint, however, they do text. Hmmm we thought, I posed the question, “what if you could text all the families in one go?” … “perfect” she said.


So, in the last 48 hours we have built and are releasing our new sms alerts feature and notification system.

Why? To ensure the safety of vulnerable and older Australians, businesses MUST educate and communicate with their staff, families and visitors the right information and procedures to follow.

Do you need Emergency or organisational-wide SMS notifications?

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