Mint App | Release 0.6.0 - Bulk Uploading and Gallery posts

Bulk user importing and Gallery Posts

Mint Update Release 0.6.0 – May 1st, 2020

Our latest release is now live and includes the following updates:

  • Added an improved Bulk User Import function, with auto-generated usernames
  • Added the ability to add multiple images in a single post, and view them using a gallery view
  • Optimised the loading of the newsfeed screen – faster loading equals a better experience

Now, whether it’s the next phase of a staged rollout or capturing a Moment in Time with multiple perspectives, your experience on Mint is going to be even better and faster while communicating special moments with families. 

We will continue to post all of our next features and releases on our blog. Thanks for reading. 

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Mint allows providers to move away from the common paper and localised spreadsheet. Mint allows providers to move towards the quality standard requirements of open disclosure, transparency, feedback, and complaints. Consumers and family members can now submit feedback directly to management in a secure, closed-loop network with images and documents. 


To find our more about our solution developed with Providers, schedule a demonstation and initial conversation.

Will this work in your organisation? Yes.

We have developed a streamlined deployment and workflow plan to ensure a simple rollout. Our team will spend 2 days onsite training and rolling out the Feedback Management System. We’ve also developed simple reference guides to help you through the process.

Are you just starting the digital transformation process? No problem. Mint can work with you in any phase of digital transformation and our Feedback Management System can integrate with Clinical, Risk Management and Scheduling systems. Ask us about this process.

Can Mint App integrate with clinical, risk management, and scheduling software? Yes. All we need is an API from the software provider.